A Little New Music: Meet the Producers

Allison Bibicoff: Savin' Up For Saturday Night

Drew Blakeman: Zombies From the Beyond

Joseph Leo Bwarie: At Home at the Garry Marshall Theatre

Bill Castellino: Ionescopade - On the Edge of Madness

Jaeger Christian: We Can Be One

Misty Cotton: Carrie the Musical

Brent Crayon: The Life and Crazy Schedule of a Music Director

Anthony Crivello and Vanessa Claire Stewart: Louis & Keely ‘Live’ at the Sahara

Denise Devin: The Evolution of a Limecat

Emily Dorezas and Tiffany Dissette: 50 Shades! The Musical

Bill English: SF Playhouse's Coraline

Joshua Finkel: Building Your Cabaret Act

Michael Shaw Fisher: The Werewolves of Hollywood Blvd

Lara Ganz: Behind the Scenes with Beauty and the Beast

Coby Getzug on Tour with Spring Awakening

Jeff Goode and Richard Levinson: Savin' Up For Saturday Night

Gordon Goodman and Janet Miller: Barrymore

Marco Gomez, Chris Raymond, Michael Abramson: Dorian's Descent

Doug Haverty & Adryan Russ: The Musical Journey to iGhost

Richard Israel: Directing Gypsy

Carl Johnson, Chana Wise & Cynthia Ferrell: At Home in Mitford

David Johnson: Sally Spectre the Musical

Jeffrey Kahane: Venturing Out Into What Matters with Lost in the Stars

Emily Lopez Turns up the Heat for Carrie the Musical

Sherry Lynn: CTGSC, Spelling Bee and the Joy of Children's Theatre

Kris and Bonnie Lythgoe: A Snow White Christmas

Christopher Maikish: Songs For A New World

Janet Miller: A Man of No Importance

Janet Miller: The Fantasticks

Katie Molinaro: RSVP RIP (Really into Partying)

Erin Muir: Rock & Roll's Greatest Lovers

Larry Mura: The Translucent Frogs of Quuup

Greg Nabours & Patrick Pearson: The Trouble With Words

David O: The Man Behind the Music

Cindy O'Connor and Larry Todd Johnson: 40 Is the New 15

Chris O'Neill and Nick Howell: Scar Face: The Musical

Ryan Scott Oliver: The Joy of Mapping Out the Dream

Nicole Parker: From Green to Groovy in These Paper Bullets!

Jon Peterson: (Anthony Newley) He Wrote Good Songs

Heidi Powers: Bronies: The Musical

Brian Pugach: The Next Fairy Tale

Erin Quill: The Mikado Project

Remsberg, Zapp, Rhys & Barnard: BARE, An Inside Look

Jeff Skowron: Versatility is his Middle Name

Dana Solimando: on Chairs, Ballet Girls, and Billy Elliot

Julie Soto: Generation Me the Musical

Adam Emperor Southard: The Sound of GROUP

Dan Spurgeon: Zombies From The Beyond

Alex Syiek and Joanna Syiek: Giraffenstein

Michael Teoli: CarnEvil, A Goth Horror Rock Musical

The Verdi Chorus: A Musical Family Related by the Love of Opera

Kevin Yee: Super Gay Asian Cabaret